All About Solar Heating Systems

The solar heating system has been termed as one of the greatest achievements to mankind. Ingrained with a number of beneficial qualities, this unique heating system is considered one of the most effectual methods of heating water, homes and commercial centers. Today it is widely used in different parts of the world as it is both cost effective and the most renewable source of energy.

Although the use of solar system dates back to several years, today it has become more popular due to the rising cost of fuel and electricity. It is also easy to find a number of heating systems with advanced technological features including easy operational facilities.

Two Popular Heating Systems

Nowadays, solar energy is widely used in most of the households. There are mainly two types which include the active and the passive heating system. Heaters utilizing solar energy can function by using two mediums- air and water.

Active heating systems: It is comparatively more efficient than the passive. These systems utilize either water or air for the purpose of heating. Huge solar panels are installed on roof tops to collect the heat from the sun. The heat is then stored effectively by heating water or air. This heat is then transferred to homes and offices through special vents installed in the rooms. These systems can be used to heat homes and water throughout the year.

Passive heating systems: This involves the use of black colored tanks and roofs to obtain heat. This is one of the most cost effective ways of heating air and water. Compared to the active system, the passive solar system is used less in most of the countries.

Growing Significance of Solar Heating System

The present economic scenario is one of the main reasons for the growing importance and sale of solar systems. Most of the people consider these systems to be greatly beneficial due to its cost effective factor. The soaring prices of electricity and fuels have compelled majority of the people to resort to solar energy for heating homes and water.

The scarcity of fuel is another prominent reason for the growing usage of these systems. In most of the countries, people experience severe shortage of fuels and electric power. For this reason most of the people prefer to use this renewable source of energy.

Compared to the other heating systems, this one is relatively eco-friendly as it seldom emits any poisonous gas. It is one of the cleanest forms of energy.

By using this form of heating system, people are assured of heated homes and continuous hot water supply through out the year regardless of power cuts and fuel shortages. This is another advantage of using these systems.

Although the initial cost of installation is quite high, compared to the other forms of heating system, it does not involve any other cost. Today these systems are priced at reasonable rates and can be bought from online stores too.

Solar Heating Systems – Why Is It Gaining Significance?

Harnessing the energy from the sun was first initiated by the early Greeks in the year 400 B.C. Even though there were a series of other inventions; the actual device was developed and popularized in the 20th century.

From then on, the traditional heating methods have been replaced by the solar heating systems in many of the countries. Today there are many leading manufacturers that sell a variety of these heating systems which can be utilized for domestic as well as commercial heating purposes.

Why Are Solar Heating Systems Preferred?

There are many reasons for the widespread usage of it in many countries which experience harsh weather conditions. Some of the most important reasons shall be discussed in the following sections.

Shortage of fuels: With the shortage of fuels and the rising costs of the conventional heating methods, more and more people have begun to realize the importance of it.

Economical: The use of it, which utilize the energy from the sun, is considerably one of the cheapest ways to heat homes and commercial sites. There is a huge reduction in the electricity bills as compared to the conventional heaters.

Renewable: Compared to the other sources of energy such as coal, oil and fossil fuels, the energy from the sun lasts forever.

Clean and natural: It is known to be the most natural and clean form of heating systems that can be used for heating, cooling and lighting purposes.

Global warming: Another important reason why most of the people prefer to use these heating systems is because it is environment friendly. It seldom causes any type of pollution unlike the fossil fuels which release harmful toxins into the atmosphere, thereby creating global warming.

Various Types of Solar Heating Systems

Solar electric systems: Also known as Photovoltaics, these systems convert sunlight into electrical power. It is quite an expensive method of generating electric power.

Thermal systems: Another type of it is the thermal solar heating systems which utilize the sun’s energy for heating purposes. The thermal systems are mainly used for three purposes-

– To heat spaces
– To heat swimming pools
– To heat water

The thermal systems are further categorized into two types- the Active systems and the Passive systems

Active systems: The active systems are known to be more efficient and expensive compared to the passive systems. In the active systems, heat is transferred by moving water with the help of electric pumps and valves. The active systems are further sub-divided into two types- the closed loop systems and the open loop systems. The closed loop systems are used in countries with colder climates as it is more efficient compared to the other heating systems.

Passive systems: One of the greatest advantages of it is its low and easy maintenance. Moreover, it can function without electric power. It is also available in two types- the Thermosyphon and the Integral Collectors Storage (ICS).

In brief, the use of it is one of the most efficient and affordable methods to integrate power for heating purposes.

Avail the Benefits of Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating is an ideal way to heat your home during the cold winter seasons. There is a wide range of heating systems available to suit your needs. Underfloor heat systems are not only effective, but they are also cost efficient for colder countries. Stepping on a cold floor on a chilly winter morning is a difficult task for many and this is where the significance of underfloor heating comes into being. Investing on these heating systems is a convenient and cost-effective option for warm flooring.

Today, there are a wide range of underfloor heating systems available online. There are numerous places to buy these online, but you need to do good research. It is better if you explore a good variety of underfloor heating system in the market to make an informed and planned decision.

Installation of these systems requires professional assistance and thus needs to be planned well in advance. These systems keep the floors warm as they capture heat and also avoid the possibilities of heat loss. With these systems you can be relieved from the long electricity bills that were a result of radiant heating systems.

Underfloor heat systems can be categorized in three major categories. All three are amazingly effective, cost efficient and eco-friendly.
Electrical Heating Systems
This system comprises of an electric cable mat which can be conveniently affixed under the floor. The heat is produced with the help of electricity, which makes them a little expensive than the other heating technologies. However, they are still preferred by a large number of people because they are extremely effective.
Water pipe or Hydraulic Heating Systems:  

These systems are cost effective and affordable amongst all the different types of heating systems. This system makes use of hot water to produce the desired warmth and heat to the room. A cluster of water pipes is installed beneath the floor and as the water passes, it generates heat on the floor. The heating is done with the natural fuels like wood, gas, solar energy and the water gets heated in a boiler. As a consequence, this underfloor heating system is a completely eco friendly option.
Air Heated Systems:
This system also includes a network of pipes being installed inside the floor. The hot air gets circulated through the pipes to keep the floor warm. The heat is produced in a similar manner to that of hot water. Conversely, this heating system is not very popular as it is not very cost efficient.

Some of the beneficial features that remains common for all the three types of heating system are as follows:
– All these heating systems come in a large variety and choices.
– You can customize the system as per your own individual use.
– These systems are cost efficient and affordable than any other traditional heating systems.
– All these underfloor heating system are purely eco friendly as they run on natural sources like wood, gas, water, etc